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skim arch bead

Renderplas PVC Skim Arch Bead White 2500mm x 3mm (Pack of 50) - CB2A

Arrow Starline Galvanised External Render Stop Bead 3000mm x 16-20mm (Pack of 50) - BEER3

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Galvanised (internal use) and stainless steel (external use) External Render Stop Beads for use on traditional wet 2 / 3 coat plaster application.

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  • Available in 3m lengths in galvanised finish and 3m lengths in stainless steel finish
  • External Render Stop Bead is predominantly used to form a neat bell shaped edge at the bottom of an external render finish, thus protecting the edge and acting as a run-off for when rainfall occurs
  • Galvanised product to be used in sheltered areas only, stainless steel for all other areas including coastal
  • Plaster depth 16 to 20mm, wing dimension 45mm
  • All galvanised materials are manufactured from steel to DX51.BSEN 10142 (g 275)
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS6452 Part 1: 1984


  • The installation of Arrow beads should be in accordance with BS 5492:1990 (internal) and BS 5492:1991 (external)
  • The most appropriate Arrow bead should be chosen to suit the application, required plaster/render depth and desired finish
  • Beads should be fixed using plaster dabs or mechanical fixings at a maximum of 600mm intervals
  • Beads can also be fixed to lath sheets by the use of galvanised or stainless steel tye wire
  • Use tinsnips to cut the bead wings and a fine-toothed saw to cut the nosing
  • Care should be taken to ensure that steel beads are kept dry and stored and handled in a way to prevent distortion and general damage, especially to the galvanised coating
  • This means storing them off the ground on a flat surface
  • The risk of corrosion in galvanised beads will normally only become apparent during the initial drying out period of the plaster, which should be kept to an absolute minimum (maximum 5-7 days), and subsequently during periods of heavy condensation and dampness
  • All metal components used in a particular installation must be of all the same material type, i.e. stainless fixings with stainless beads/sheets and galvanised fixings for galvanised bead/sheets
  • In external applications and in conditions where heavy condensation, persistent damp or regular exposure to moisture are likely, stainless steel or PVC-U beads must be used
  • Stainless steel beads are for use with cement-based renders and not for use with gypsum based plasters unless they are specified with an approved protective finish



  • Length: 3000mm
  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • Material Specification: DX51.BSEN 10142 (g 275)
  • Manufactured In Accordance: BS6452 Part 1: 1984
  • Wing Dimension: 45mm
  • Type: Render Stop Bead
  • Plaster Depth: 16 - 20mm
  • Box QTY: 50
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