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  1. Top Causes Of Drywall Damage

    Drywall damage isn't as uncommon as it may seem, and can happen for many reasons. If you are a property surveyor, building manager or letting agent you will be all to familiar with the common issues that arise. However, Drywall is a low maintenance surface, so luckily it is easy to replace or repair. We're sharing some of the ways drywall can become damaged.


    A common cause of drywall damage is plumbing leaks, and depending on how fast you catch your leak, depends on the severity of the damage caused to your drywall and the possible costs of commercial cleaning and potential repairs

    If you notice a bulge in your drywall, immediately inspect

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    Eazymix is the latest brand to join the wide range of brands we have available at Drywall Tools Direct.

    Eazymix Ltd. develop and manufacture chemical additives for gypsum plaster. Eazymix was established by a trade plasterer with a mission to make plastering projects more efficient and cost effective. Eazymix's products tailor the setting profile of finishing plasters for specific needs; speeding it up for small jobs and slowing it down for larger, trickier areas. The products have been approved by trade associations, trade press and more importantly trade plasterers.

    Here are some of our top picks from the Eazymix range available from Drywall Tools Direct.

    Eazymix Extratime Plaster Retarder

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  3. Upgrade Your Toolkit In 2021 With Drywall Tools Direct

    Upgrading your tools has never been easier with Drywall Tools Direct. We are always adding new brands and tools to our ever growing catalogue, making sure we offer the very best price available for our customers.

    You can also spread the cost of your tools, as we have teamed up with DEKO Financing to give you more affordable finance options allowing you to spread the cost of your new kit over a period of time of your choice.

    We're sharing some of our must haves for upgrading your tool kit in 2021...

    Flex Giraffe Sander With Interchangeable Head System GE 7

    The latest generation of Flex Giraffe wall and ceiling sanders.The GE 7

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  4. Lockdown 3: What Does It Mean For Construction Workers?

    The manufacturing and construction industry are being closely looked at again after the UK was plunged into another lockdown at the beginning of this week.

    The Prime Minister announced we would be in a lockdown until further notice, that is looking at staying in place until March 2021, to give better opportunity to mass vaccinate those who need it and slow the spread that has now overtaken numbers of deaths per day that we were seeing last year.

    Although, as usual, construction, tradesmen and manufacturing industry continues to be open for business, due to the inability to work from home and providing essential work across the UK.

    Since construction and similar industries within that sector have been categorised as key workers, it is important to know what exactly is expected from you and what you can expect from working throughout the pandemic.

    The government has revised, reviewed and reposted the safety

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  5. Our Favourite Arrow Compound Products At DWT

    At Drywall Tools Direct we are proud to stock some of the biggest brands in the business, and we carefully select the highest quality tools and accessories to supply our customers with only the best. Arrow Compounds are no exception when it comes to high quality products and we have been upping our compound game, by adding more of their amazing products to our website. We're sharing some of our favourite products from our current Arrow range at Drywall Tools Direct.

    Arrow-Lite Joint Cement Plus

    A lightweight air-drying, dual purpose, easy mixing, low shrinkage compound for bedding tapes and finishing joints. Allows complete jointing operations by either hand or machine application. Can be used for bedding,

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  6. Should You Hire A Drywall Subcontractor or Contractor?

    Hiring a professional for drywall repairs or general construction projects both commercial and domestic can be a difficult decision. You want to make sure that you are hiring the right people for the job that you can fully trust to provide the best quality service available and at the right price. We are taking a closer look at the roles of subcontractors and contractors in the construction industry to help you with making your decision.

    What is a sub-contractor?

    Sub contractors work with contractors to match the right project with the right team. Sub contractors will negotiate potential contracts to ensure that the right project is fitted to a team that specialises in the particular area you are looking to hire for.

    Sub contractors are usually self employed and work on putting together smaller, domestic projects that need completing versus large scale construction. Usually they would be most useful for find specialists in niche projects.

    What is a contractor?

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  7. Three Benefits Of Using A Corner Trowel

    Whether you are plastering a wall or putting up drywall, one of the most common frustrations found is trying to do the corners, especially when they are hard to reach. Smooth, sharp and correctly plastered corners set up the finish for the entire wall, so it is crucial to get it right and use the right tools to achieve this. A corner trowel is worth its weight in gold when it comes to  these tricky to tackle areas of plastering, and is a tool every respectable plasterer should have in his or her kit. We've been taking a closer look at the benefits of corner trowels.

    Finish Faster

    Getting the job done to the same high quality but in less time is every tradesman's dream, which is why automated tools and targeted area tools sell like hot cakes. Learning how to use a corner trowel is essential for faster finishing, but once you have mastered it and apply the right amount of pressure you will see flawless finishing in half the time.



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  8. Our Top Special Offers This Autumn

    We love offering our customers the very best price and amazing discounts at Drywall Tools Direct, that is why we're constantly updating our special offers. We have recently updated our special offers and have included products from some of the biggest brands in the business for you to take advantage of at a discount. We are sharing some of our top offers right here...

    Ox Tools Claw Hammer and Claw Bar Set 

    PRO OX Claw Hammer 16oz is a quality made, durable claw hammer forged from one piece of steel. The 10" claw hammer is perfect for hammering nails into surfaces or objects and the claw end allows the user to remove nails from surfaces or objects.


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  9. Why You Should Choose 4T Jointing Compound

    4T jointing compound is one of the leading compound products available on the market and with good reason. 4T has been specifically designed for the drywall professional, which is why we can't help but sing its praises at Drywall Tools Direct.

    If you're looking for a compound that will help you get the job done faster and with more efficiency, look no further than 4T. The compound can be used for so many different tasks, from use it embedding tape to finishing corner bead to topping and texturing, 4T can reduce time and money spent in the long run, especially if you work on drywall as a professional daily.

    Because it’s such a versatile compound that is perfect for use in automatic tools on a wide range of projects, there are so many benefits that come with choosing to work with 4T jointing compound.

    There’s the ease at which this compound can be sanded down when dry. As it’s such a high quality product, the drywall professionals we know love how 4T compound reduces the ph

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  10. Why Is Plastering Tape So Important?

    Preparation when plastering is the ultimate key to a great finish, failing to prepare will inevitably lead to failure, so making sure you have the right tools and prepare to the best of your ability is essential.

    Whether you're patching up a small area or a large scale build, plastering tape is a crucial piece of equipment that can make a world of difference to the finish and the efficiency of the job you do.

    Choosing the right plastering tape is essential too and there are three main types that you will need to look out for and add to your tool kit. Scrim tape, angle tape and drywall tape are the three plastering tapes every plasterer should carry to ensure you have the right one for a multitude of surfaces and projects.

    Scrim tape in particular is very popular for plastering beginners and DIY-ers, and is generally an all round good tape. It has the added benefit that you don’t need to use jointing compound with it, so much easier to use. Scrim tape is made of fibreglass, an

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