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Estwing 24oz Straight Claw Hammer

Estwing Straight Claw Framing Hammer Smooth Face 24oz - E3/24S

Kraft Tool 7

Kraft Broad Knife 7" - DW281

Estwing Vinyl Grip Drilling Hammer 3lb - EB3/3LB

£42.24 £35.20
Estwing's Club Hammer offers versatility on the job enabling you to use it for striking chisels, hardened nails, and demolition projects etc.
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This heavy hitting hammer it perfectly balanced to deliver powerful blows with an easy swing. The hammer has a bonded and moulded Shock Reduction Grip which offers the utmost in both comfort and durability, while reducing vibrations caused by impact. It is solid forged from one piece of steel for unsurpassed balance and temper and has an attractive blue UV coating. Solid forged from one piece of American Steel for ultimate durability and strength Unsurpassed balance allows you to deliver blows with an easy swing Offers versatility on the job as you can use with chisels, punches, hardened nails etc. Patented shock reduction grip offers comfort, durability and reduced impact vibrations by 70% Proudly manufactured in Rockford, USA
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Brand Estwing
Price £35.20
GTIN 0034139620211
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