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Dry Wall Tools Direct Blog

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  • Our Top Picks For Drywall Beginners

    If you're just starting out in the drywall trade you will probably be recommended lots of different brands and tools by lots of different professionals in the industry. Here at Drywall Tools Direct we have been working with and providing for drywall professionals for years and currently offer a huge range of tools and accessories from only the very best brands in the trade. In this post we will be sharing our top picks for drywall beginners... Edma Joint Knife, £8.20 inc VAT. Brilliant or high drywall finishing performance & features ultra flexible polished stainless steel...
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    Refina is one of our most popular brands at Drywall Tools Direct and in this post we will be taking a closer look at one of our newest additions to our Refina range - The Refina EPN 1800P Diamond Concrete Polisher.  The EPN1800 wet polisher with water feed has been designed and developed for smoothing, polishing and finishing concrete, natural stone, granite and terrazzo. It is an extremely powerful polisher, featuring metal bond discs for surface grinding and resin bond discs for smoothing and polishing. The wet disc kit uses discs from 50 to 3000...
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  • The Role Of Drylining In The Construction Industry

    Compared to plastering, drylining is a relatively new practice in the construction industry. With the development and the evolution of drylining, it has become a favourable method thanks to it's time saving abilities and mostly, effortless approach. Efficiency and effectiveness has made drylining an important part of the construction industry. Drywall is a board made of plaster that has been pressed between two sheets of paper. It's primary use is to make interior walls and ceilings, that can also help to hide pipes, wires and create space for insulation. It can take weeks or even...
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  • Our Featured Products At Drywall Tools Direct This April...

    Every month we feature a few of our must have products from Drywall Tools Direct, in this post we will be sharing a little bit more information on these featured products and why we chose them as our favourites for the month. Arrow Metal Corner Tape 51mm x 30 Meters Outer Box 6 Rolls   Drywall Tools recommends because... The Arrow Metal Corner Tape is a superior paper tape reinforced with galvanised metal. Designed for finishing internal, external drywall corners and dry line partitions. Steel reinforced giving good rigidity; it is quickly and easily applied...
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  • Featured: Flex Wet Circular Saw

    We added a brand new tool to the Drywall Tools Direct family this month - The Flex Wet Circular Saw. If you didn't already know our sister company is the Flex Tool distributor for the UK, so we definitely have a soft spot for their tools here at Drywall Tools Direct! Flex have been innovators in the tool industry for years and the Flex Wet Circular Saw is no exception. FEATURES High-performance motor: extra powerful for stone cutting and joint milling Continuous cut depth setting from 0-60 mm, with rail guide up to 54 mm...
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    One of the first things you should understand and pay great attention to when you start working in the construction industry, especially drylining and plastering trades, is the dangers of asbestos. The safety precautions that you MUST undertake when working an environment that has asbestos are as serious as living a long healthy life, or ignoring them and taking an early grave. Most of our customers and clients are working in an area of the construction industry that is one of the most exposed to asbestos - plastering and drylining. Asbestos is the name used for...
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  • Walls & Ceilings International - Grand Opening & Website Launch!

    So if you didn't know already, or don't follow us on socials or our newsletter, you won't know that we have two sister companies Flex Tools UK and Walls & Ceilings International!  Flex Tools UK makes us the leading supplier in the UK for the Flex brand and their amazing tools. We also sell them at the very best prices and offer a wide range of spare parts you may not be able to find elsewhere. Walls & Ceilings International was set up to offer construction professionals and industry experts a wide range of fittings...
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  • Drywall Flat Box - Should You Use One?

    If you're about to embark on a drywall project or you are a beginner in the drywall industry it can be quite overwhelming to know which tools you will need, what is essential and what isn't. Getting the right kit is essential for the ability and quality of the drywall task at hand. Today we are looking at drywall flat boxes, and whether they're essential, whether they're worth the hype or if they aren't necessary at all. If you are new to the drywall industry you will be pleased to know that there are a...
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  • Health & Safety: Top Tips For Plasterers

    Health & Safety should be the main priority for anybody working in the construction industry - considering most workplace deaths are in the construction industry. Construction sites are a dangerous place to be for plasterers and it is something that should not be taken lightly. Taking your time and making sure you do your job in the safest way possible is of the highest importance, and with our top tips for plasterers, you can stay as safe as possible whilst maintaining a high performance in your craft. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT All plasterers are required to...
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  • Product Review: Flex Random Orbital Polisher

    Flex is one of our number one brands at Drywall Tools Direct, and we actually are the sister brand to Flex Tools UK, so we have some great knowledge on the Flex tools and have a great insight into which tools you should be keeping your eye on in the industry. The Flex Random Orbital Polisher is a popular component in any drywall and plasterers toolkit. It is a positive-drive orbital polisher with VR microprocessor control. It has tachogenerator constant speed control and a continuous speed control trigger. The Flex Random Orbital Polisher has created...
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