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  • Product Overview: Dewalt 54V XR Flexvolt Brushless Paddle Mixer

    If you didn't already know, we have added a whole new collection of tools to Drywall Tools Direct. DeWalt is one of the most recognised and reputable brands in the drywall and plastering trade, and is a favourite with professionals. We've added lots of brand new DeWalt products to the Drywall Tools website and you can shop the whole range today! In this post, we are taking a closer look at the Dewalt DCD240X2 54V XR Flexvolt Brushless Paddle Mixer. The Dewalt DCD240 Paddle Mixer is ideal for plasterers, tilers, landscapers, flooring contractors and general builders...
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  • DeWalt Now Available At DWT!

    At Drywall Tools Direct we pride ourselves on sourcing the very best tools and accessories in the construction industry and we only work with the most reputable brands. This month we have added DeWalt to our long list of big name brands available at Drywall Tools Direct. From corner finishers to automatic taping tools, we have got you covered with our brand new range of DeWalt products ready to order now, here are some of our favourites from the collection available to shop today! DeWalt Automatic Taping and Finishing Set Mega DXTT-2-610-A This set of...
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  • DWT's Fab Five For October

    It's a new month, which means we have a brand new fab five tools and accessories that you can purchase here at Drywall Tools Direct. We've added new brands to our huge collection this month, so there is even more to choose from and even more options for our customers. Here are your top five tools and accessories for October... TapeTech MudRunner - 14TT The TapeTech MudRunner delivers joint compound to corners with precision control and minimal effort. A simple twist of the wrist activates the piston and creates a consistent flow of joint compound...
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  • Plastic VS Metal - Which Trowel Wins?

    Plastic trowels have been growing in popularity over the last few years, as some have favoured the new material over a traditional steel trowel. There is a clear division between people in trade who argue whether plastic or metal is the best. There is a huge range of trowels available nowadays, for every finish, for every preferred technique, you name it, there's a trowel for it. The plastering industry has seen significant advancements in tools, accessories and plaster itself in recent years, which is only positive for the industry moving forward. But which trowel is...
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  • Product Review: Refina ETS225 Drywall Sander

    In this post we are reviewing one of our best selling power tools, the Refina ETS225 Drywall Sander. Refina are renowned for their innovation when it comes to designing drywall power tools for professional and commercial use. The ETS225 is a 9" used for sanding back and smoothing drywall joints; prepping and sanding walls prior to painting and decorating. The sander is lightweight and comes complete with dust guard, allowing dust free operation when coupled with a suitable vac. The edge of the dust guard is cut away allowing sanding right to the edge and...
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  • DWT's Fab Five For September

    We have some fantastic tools and accessories on offer this month, including the launch of a new brand at Drywall Tools Direct, Wondertex. Here is the Drywall Tools Direct Fab Five for September... Wondertex Premfill & Finish The Wondertex premfill and finish is a filler and smoother, designed for filling and finishing plasterboard joints and smoothing unwanted textured surfaces. Offering a super fine solution for a smooth finish that dries hard for an equally durable finish. Tapetech EasyClean Loading Pump The TapeTech EasyClean loading pump is a customer favourite at Drywall Tools Direct. Featuring a slim tube...
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  • The Best Plastering Tools For An Apprentice

    Becoming an apprentice plasterer can be quite overwhelming. It is important to make sure you have all your health & safety knowledge and make sure you can follow instructions thoroughly, for your safety and your co-workers. Amongst getting to grips with the ins and outs of plastering and working in a construction environment, you will also need to get yourself some decent tools to work with - but what should an apprentice be looking to add to their kit? The bare minimum an apprentice would be expected to have in their tool kit to be...
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    We've got a brand new offer this month at Drywall Tools Direct when you buy the 4T Lightweight Multi Purpose Jointing Compound! Designed for the drywall finishing professional, Formula 1 can be used for everything from embedding tape to finishing corner bead and fasteners to topping and texturing. Its arm saving work-ability allows you to work faster with less effort. Formula 1 feathers beautifully and delivers a smooth as glass finish that is virtually pock free. Its low shrinkage and easy cleanup make it excellent for use with tools and because Formula 1 is Lightweight...
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  • DWT's Fab Five Tools For August

    Check out our top five tools for August at Drywall Tools Direct... REFINA EHD1300 DRY CORE P4 117 X 150mm 1 Speed 4½" Diamond Drill 1300W EIBENSTOCK dry diamond core drills are for trade users drilling holes through internal and external walls. It's safety features include a mechanical safety clutch and thermal cut out. The drills are for use by plumbers, gas fitters, electricians, heating and ventilating engineers, builders, drilling and fixing contractors. OX Pro Semi flex Plastic Trowel 16in The OX Tools Pro SemiFLEX Plastering Trowels feature a brand new trowel design that gives...
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  • Product Review: Flex Random Orbital Polisher XFE 7

    If you weren't already aware Flex Tools UK is one of our sister suppliers, and we work closely to offer those in trade and construction a fantastic range of tools from Flex, which happens to be one of the most popular and reputable tool brands on the market right now. In this post we will be taking a closer look at a 'new in' power tool from the Flex Tools team, the Flex Random Orbital Polisher. The Flex Random Orbital Polisher XFE 7 has VR microprocessor control: with tacho-generator constant speed control, soft start, restart...
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