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  • Our Top Special Offers This Autumn

    We love offering our customers the very best price and amazing discounts at Drywall Tools Direct, that is why we're constantly updating our special offers. We have recently updated our special offers and have included products from some of the biggest brands in the business for you to take advantage of at a discount. We are sharing some of our top offers right here... Ox Tools Claw Hammer and Claw Bar Set  PRO OX Claw Hammer 16oz is a quality made, durable claw hammer forged from one piece of steel. The 10" claw hammer is...
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  • Why You Should Choose 4T Jointing Compound

    4T jointing compound is one of the leading compound products available on the market and with good reason. 4T has been specifically designed for the drywall professional, which is why we can't help but sing its praises at Drywall Tools Direct. If you're looking for a compound that will help you get the job done faster and with more efficiency, look no further than 4T. The compound can be used for so many different tasks, from use it embedding tape to finishing corner bead to topping and texturing, 4T can reduce time and money spent in...
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  • Why Is Plastering Tape So Important?

    Preparation when plastering is the ultimate key to a great finish, failing to prepare will inevitably lead to failure, so making sure you have the right tools and prepare to the best of your ability is essential. Whether you're patching up a small area or a large scale build, plastering tape is a crucial piece of equipment that can make a world of difference to the finish and the efficiency of the job you do. Choosing the right plastering tape is essential too and there are three main types that you will need to look...
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  • The Top Plastering Tools You Need To Get The Job Done

    Plastering is a skilled trade that takes years of training and perfecting to become a pro, however if you aren't a pro, you can thank modern technology for getting the right finish, as adequate plastering can be achieved with the right tools. At Drywall Tools Direct you can get your hands on an array of high quality, modern plastering tools that will help you get the job done in a heartbeat, in this post we are sharing the plastering tools you will need as both a professional and a plasterer in training. Finishing Trowel A...
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    The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the country, and with many construction workers working throughout as key workers in the UK, whilst others are making the slow return to work over the coming weeks, we have sourced equipment that will keep you safe from the spread of Coronavirus during these difficult times. COVID-19 Disposable Face Mask 3-Ply (50 Per Box) These Disposable Face Masks are to protect against dust, fluids & germs. Perfect when travelling on public transport or through busy areas. These 3-ply masks come with comfortable, extra-soft elastic earloops to eliminate pressure to...
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  • Our Best Bundles & Sets At Drywall Tools Direct

    At Drywall Tools Direct we know our customers are busy and constantly developing, looking for ways to make projects easier and more efficient.  That is why we have collaborated with your favourite drywall and plastering brands to bring you bundles and sets that will make life easier when shopping for tools and upgrading your kit. DeWalt Skimming Blade Set DXTT-3-441 DeWalt's skimming blades have been developed and refined through years of feedback from professional finishers. Although competitively priced, they are the highest quality line of skimming blades available on the market today. Patent pending extruded...
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  • Automated Tools Are An Absolute Must Have In Modern Times

    The very first automated tools were designed in the 1930s, yet many drywall and plastering pros STILL use manual tools for their projects. Automated tools are an absolute must have in the current climate, and with years of development have an array of benefits that are definitely worth a look at if you are still using manual. Most drywall and plastering professionals would have been taught as an apprentice with manual tools, so it is understandable why most professionals feel more comfortable working with the way they learned their trade. It is also completely understandable...
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  • Drywall Tools Fab Five For May

    We have a huge range of tools & accessories on offer at Drywall Tools Direct. From power tools to plastering tape, you can get all your drywall or plastering supplies from your favourite brands with our one stop shop. Check out our Fab Five tools for May... TapeTech EasyClean Loading Pump The EasyClean Loading Pump is used to fill all TapeTech automatic taping and finishing tools. With features that include a twist-lock foot valve for secure connection during operation and easy removal for cleaning and maintenance. The integrated O-ring gasket for the filler eliminates the...
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  • What Are The Different Types Of Plastering Tape?

    Making sure you are using the right materials for the task at hand will not only enhance the quality of your finish but will also make your job easier, allowing you to work more efficiently and smarter. When it comes to plasterboard jointing tape, the market is huge but the specifics of what you need for different projects comes down to THREE different types of tapes that you will need for different projects to maintain the highest quality finishing all professionals strive for. In this post we will be taking a closer look at the...
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  • Product Review: TapeTech MudRunner

    TapeTech is one of the most popular brands at Drywall Tools Direct thanks to their decades of dedication to the evolution of tool design and proficiency in the drywall and plastering industry. The brand has designed and developed a number of tools and accessories that are unrivalled in their ability and efficiency, including the TapeTech Mud Runner. The TapeTech MudRunner delivers joint compound to corners with precision control and minimal effort. A simple twist of the wrist activates the piston and creates a consistent flow of joint compound. Twist it back and the flow stops...
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